Saturday, June 30, 2012

FAQ's for 6th Edition Are Up!

In what is kind of a surprising move Games Workshop, a company not known for their punctuality (still waiting on that Tau codex its only been what 7 years?)  has not only released the latest incarnation of Warhammer 40k namely 6th Edition, but also the FAQ outlining the changes to each army codex. While I am sure that questions will continue to pop up regarding the multitude of changes Games Workshop has implemented in this edition, its nice to see the FAQs drop the same day as the release of 6th Edition.

Games Workshop FAQ page link

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of the changes GW has thrust upon your beloved army!

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Night Before 40k

The last few nights have been pretty tough - my wife is ready to roll 3d6 and birth our gant at any time and Warhammer 40k rumors have been everywhere and Diablo 3 and and and...

I managed to get some hobby time in, however. I've been using a terrible terrible paint station to hold all my paints. My wife made it for me so it was great at the time but it has broken down pretty quickly. I found a local solution to my painting woes.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gamers Sanctuary and Fresh Coast 40k Present The Warhammer 40k 6th Edition Celebration and Swap Meet

That out of print Rogue Trader first edition Chaplain is one of a kind. I can't sell that. 
I'm extremely excited to announce the party we've been planning for a few months. It has been tough with members recently becoming primarchs and this author to join them any day now with the added bonus of GW being CIA-secretive about their release date, but we've managed to put together a great event for you.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hobby Highlight: Interview with Sniff of Battle Markers

Nope, not that kind of battle marker
You may recall last week the hobby highlight we posted on Battle Markers. Sniff from Battle Markers was nice enough to answer a few questions about his business and plans for the future.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

On Allies

Perhaps the image is fitting since Tyranids can't ally with anybody

So one of the big points of nerd rage around the webs these days in anticipation of 6th Edition is the addition of an ally matrix to 40k. This is something that has been around in other versions of WHFB and has recently re-emerged in WHFB 8th Edition. 

Steampunk Sunday - Warmachine "Coming of the Colossals" Tournament

This past Saturday I played in my first 50 point Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller tournament at Gamer's Sanctuary. This tournament used the 2012 Privateer Press Steamroller rules and scenarios. Each player was required to bring two different casters/50pt-lists with no repeat named characters/units. You also had to use each list at list once in the three round tournament. The first place prize was a certificate for one of the new Colossals (or Gargantuans) coming out later this year.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Steampunk Saturday - I found my painting Mojo!

Note:  Too bad my Necrons Warriors can’t look more like Femme’-bots!

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Massacre at Bellerophon's Fall - Last 5th Edition Battle Report for Muggins

Last night Cerberus and I played the first mission from the Badab War campaign books (IA 9) The Massacre at Bellerophon's Fall. Cerberus' marines played the part of the Marines Errant and my Mantis Warriors played their part.

Flyin' Friday - New Forge World Imperial Armour Aeronautica!

More info from the latest White Dwarf! It appears that GW is coming out with a new IA book specifically for flyers. They had done a game called Aeronautica Imperialis a while back, but I don't think this is a book for that. (See rumors on Dakka).

Thursday, June 21, 2012

WD Psyker info leaked- FC40k Exclusive

A copy of the new WD fell off the back of the truck, and I conveniently grabbed it. New info about psyker rules after the jump!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hobby Highlight: Battlemarkers

You may have seen in a few battle reports or photos here lately little 'buttons' that mark off certain psychic powers, results, etc. I am a huge sucker for anything to make the game easier, quicker, and more fun, so I picked up some Battlemarkers from Etsy.

These are things I've been looking for for a while. Tyranids have all kinds of psychic powers, conditions, etc so being able to mark them down and remember makes things a lot easier. They also provide wound counters that you can use (great for MCs) and vehicle status conditions. These are invaluable because the status condition markers provided by GW are AWFUL.

Monday, June 18, 2012

6th Edition 40k Launch Details and Pricing

Hi all,

Gamers Sanctuary just received their product listings for the 6th edition 40k launch. There's some juicy info here, including confirmation of a very different set of rules for Psykers, mirroring rules for wizards in WFB.

Leaked cover for 6th ed. Now everyone can hate on DA and give poor Ultras a rest.

Fresh Coast 40k Wallpaper

If there is one thing that I love it is a great wallpaper for my computer desktop or phone. I've been jonesing to take a great photo of my new flyers and convert it into a wallpaper for Fresh Coast 40k, so I took a few hours on Sunday to do so. My wife generously granted me the afternoon of Primarch's Day to do whatever I wanted (after a visit with the in-laws) - some space marine photo booth, some Diablo 3 runs, then D&D to end the night. She is such a great wife.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

5th Edition Wrapup Tournament Results

Shamelessly stolen from The Independent Characters - listen to them!
6th Edition is less than two weeks away! The Gamers Sanctuary hosted a tournament yesterday and it was a great time. We had nine people show up and fight it out using Adepticon rules. Tournament results:

  • 1st Place: Bill M. (Geneguard) with his Salamanders
  • 2nd Place: Mike Hernandez with his Imperial Guard
  • 3rd Place:  Scott Tucker with his Grey Knights
  • Best Painted: Your humble editor... methinks it was a sympathy award, but I was proud to take this home

Friday, June 15, 2012

Flying Into 6th Edition: Mantis Warrior Stormtalon Gunships Finished

First and foremost I'd like to admit something: I love flyer models in 40k. For a short period of time I had an Imperial Guard army solely because they had Valkyries. My Tyranid hive fleet has been led by Overlord Muggis, a flying hive tyrant, for a long time. Land speeders excite me. When GW decided to put out the Stormtalon Gunship they automatically had my money in their pocket for at least three.

You've seen the Storm Eagle I painted. I love that model. It is huge, Space Marine-y, and looks like it'll mess you up. The rules could use some tightening, but I can deal with it. I bought three Stormtalons and intended to have them painted and ready for use tomorrow for the 40k Tournament at Gamers Sanctuary. I managed to paint them JUST in time.

One More Tourney and 5th Edition Nostalgia

This Saturday is Gamer's Sanctuary's monthly 40k tournament and most likely the last one using the 5th edition rules.  I have decided to exit 5th edition the way I started and bring my Tau. The last few tournaments have been fun with my Blood Angels. But I really do not want to spend another day of Marine vs Marine battles. I have played my Tau lately but with several Imperial Armour models. So playing a tournament list will feel limited for me now with base Codex units. Tau of course have suffered a bit during 5th edition as the codex was last updated for 4th edition. But I wanted to go out with a bang, so we will see how it goes.  Tau can still do OK versus mech armies which is typically what people bring to tournaments.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Even more TH/SS Terminators

In my free time (ha!) I've been slowly working on a final squad of TH/SS terminators. While they made an appearance in the Babypocalypse, they still needed some final highlights and detailing. I'm happy to say they're finally done, and it will be a cold day in hell before I paint another unit with so much detail! Pics after the jump.

Storm Eagle Assault Gunship Caelum - Finished!

So last month I put in a Forge World order for a Tyranid Hierophant, 10 Tartaros Terminators, and a Storm Eagle Assault Gunship. I knew that the Stormtalon was coming out but I thought the Storm Eagle was cool enough to purchase anyway; plus I think I'm the only non-IG 40k player on the whole internet who loves flyers, how they look, and how they'll hopefully change the game in 6th Edition.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oh No... My Forge World Order Is In

Art by Lathander1987 
Last month I sold my Tomb Kings, Firestorm Armada, Pulp City, some Rogue Trader marines, and some Chaos Models I didn't need. The result: I ordered a Tyranid Hierophant Bio-Titan, a Stormeagle, and a full 10 man squad of Tartaros terminators.

Monday, June 4, 2012


We're primarchs now.

The Baby-Pocalypse Battle Report is up on the You Tube channel.

Mantis Warriors Iron Exemplar Command Spearhead

Over the weekend we celebrated the impending arrival of my son with a baby shower. No, I didn't attend. I was in the basement with Geneguard, Cerberus, and Tau4Eva playing an 8,000 point per side fully-painted Apocalypse game. Cerberus shot a battle report that will be posted soon.

I had 20 terminators painted already for my Mantis Warriors, plus plenty of predators and land speeders, so it was time for some Land Raiders to carry my terminators. I figured out that if I had three land raiders I could carry all of my terminators, so I picked up another before the price hike.

Warmachine Reboot

This week is the start of an Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller escalation league at Gamer's Sanctuary. I believe I speak for most of the FC40k group in saying that we are really looking forward to getting back into regularly playing WM/Hordes. It's been awhile since the last escalation league at GS. Back then I was just a newb learning the rules and trying not to rage-quit the game every time my caster got punked. Now, I feel a little more experienced with the complex match-ups this game presents.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Real Conversation I had on Deployment

Honest to god, real conversation I had with one of my buddies here in Afghanistan. He really enjoyed talking smack about Hero-Clix.

It Came From the Forums - Tervigon Diorama

I'm going to steal a post format from our Michigander cousin-blog Dark Future Games and spread this lovely diorama that I found over at The Tyranid Hive, the best Tyranid forum on the web.

First, the link with appropriate source - the painter is KrakenGenesi. Being a fellow Kraken hive mind this diorama really hits home pretty well with me. I really like the clean painting style with the afterbirth on the babies. Plus he added space marines getting slaughtered by this monstrosity. Love it. Click to embiggen images.