Sunday, April 8, 2012


Some unforeseen delays caused this to be posted a bit late, my bad!

Since Mike posted this awesome art featuring pVayl and pGrissel to go along with his awesome Vayl model, I thought this would be an appropriate time to post my Grissel I recently finished.
Prime Grissel is a Warlock model for the Trollbloods faction (natch). She is an example of a Fell Caller who also manifests the ability to cast spells and control warbeasts, hence she is now a Warlock. In the fluff, she has become the de facto leader of the Trollbloods, as Madrak is off dealing with this whole 'cursed to end the world someday' thing.

Fell Callers, for those who are unaware, are essentially warriors who use magic to augment their powerful voices to use as a weapon. It's a pretty nifty idea, and Fell Callers are a cornerstone of almost all Trollblood armies. In fact, the Fell Caller solo is probably the number one solo in Trollbloods. They can attack with a spray (think flamer template for 40k) sonic attack, and also offer powerful buffs basically by singing to other units (Fell Calls).

Grissel takes all those skills to the next level. She has three powerful Fell Calls (including one that gives a whole unit an additional attack + Fearless, wow!) Her feat essentially drops all of her Fell Calls at once- debuffing enemies near her and buffing her nearby army members.

Grissel is not a front-line caster like Madrak or Borka, nor is she a spell-slinging or beast-heavy caster like Doomshaper. She does best as a mid-line caster, buffing infantry and slinging out a spell or sonic attack every now and then. Her fell calls and overall infantry support make her a regular in tournament lists.

All that being said, I'm sad to say I've only gotten to try her once. Here's hoping we can maybe recreate that battle in the painting above. Should be fun times!

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