Monday, April 9, 2012

Selecting a Hordes Faction with the preservation of my wallet in mind.

While digging through the sale rack at my LGS I found a few Warmachine/Hordes figures marked down. Finding half of the casters and solos on-sale I've decided that my 2nd faction for WarmaHordes will become: Cyber-altered methane & steam-powered pigs! The Thornfall Alliance.

Bonus #1: Very few models in the entire line to build a complete army
Bonus #2: Much-much more straight forward to play than Cryx.
Bonus #3: No-one here plays them
Bonus #4: Pigs = hilarious!

3 Warlocks
1 Lesser Warlock
2 Heavy Warbeasts
1 Light Warbeast
4 Units
5 Solos

I'll await the next Journeyman League to begin painting them. It should be fun painting death-dealing pink piggies!

Comments below: How did you decide on your WarmaHordes faction?


  1. I think if you plan ahead, you can build any faction cheaply. The Everblight force I wanted to build was going to cost me around $200 for 35 points. Of course, if I was the same kind of completionist you are, I'd be playing Thornfall as well.

  2. I like having all of the options available ready to play! Not a good plan if your primary faction is Cryx!

  3. Given that cost is always a factor in my army building I very much appreciated your point of view.

    I think one of the best things about WarmaHordes is that you can put something together cheaply and then add the more interesting / expensive bits as you go.

  4. "Bonus #4: Pigs = hilarious!"

    Agreed! :) I was thinking about dipping my toes back into a WM/H faction and you make some good points for going with the cyber-pigs.