Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year in Review Final Day: Muggins - The great devourer has come

This happened when I tried to explain Warhammer to my mother-in-law.
2011 was a pretty great year for me with my hobby and personal life. I was inspired to start this blog (and invite the rest of the team, without which none of it would be possible) by the continued success of Dark Future Games and MI40k. We do a lot of great things here in the Flint area, and I really wanted to show them off.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Year in Review Day 5: Maelstorm (Brian)

I took a 20+ year hiatus from Warhammer - with a fresh start in the fall of 2010. I joined the 40kfightclub website to find a local game shop and play some games – I ended up making a whole bunch a really good friends. My buddy Dustin and I began re-learning 40k at Gamers Sanctuary (THE best LGS, period). We started with 500 point games of Space Marines vs. Space Marines and moved up by 100-200 every week until we could stumble through a 1,500 point game in about 2 hours (stopping constantly to dig through the rulebooks).

Gamers Sanctuary announced an upcoming 40k campaign (run by Scott) and I decided to build a Necron army (old codex). Necrons had few models and lend themselves to speed painting – the race was on to learn the Necron Codex, write an army list and then paint the figures required to play that week’s campaign game. I was able to keep up with the painting all the way through the campaign and follow-up Apocalypse game.

Year in Review Day 4: Cerberus' New Year's Resolution From 2011

I started to get back into Wargaming late in 2010 after nearly 15 years out of the hobby.  I reconnected with some old friends and we inspired each other to get out there and play more.  Those of you who know Furious Phil from Ruinous Powers know what kind of painter he is.  His stuff could easily be GW studio quality.

Thanks to his prodding and encouragement, I resolved that in 2011 I would focus much more on my painting skills than I had before.  At the time, I was quite happy with my Void Hound Marines. Unfortunately, after GW discontinued their Midnight Blue paint, I had a very difficult time matching anything new with my old stuff.

Heya Folks! (and an article on Terminators)

Heya folks!

First off, I'd like to thank Michael for inviting me to be part of the Fresh Coast 40k club! I've been a gamer at the Sanctuary for 2 years now, and I know all of the guys here pretty well.

I know that input is one of the most critical elements of a blog, and I have no shortage of that! No doubt, Mike wanted me to share some of what we talk about all the time over at the Sancuary, and I have every intention of doing so, hopeful in a way that can help people out.

I don't have a digital camera so I can't do much in terms of pictures (other than what the other guys post for me), but I DO enjoy writing articles and bits about 40k strategy and stuff (as well as fan fiction), so though I can't promise any of my posts will be interesting to look at they should be a good read! So I suppose without further ado, I'll get right to it!

This is an article I wrote for a while ago about using Terminators. My forte is Space Marines (it's just about the only army I've played for the last two years) and these are some observations I drew in my experience about one of my favorite units; Terminators.

Mantis Warriors Update - TERMINATORS!

I've been working steadily on my Mantis Warriors this winter. I am trying to get one squad done per week right now. This past week I've been working on my thunder hammer / storm shield terminators.

I'm also trying to focus on following the Forgeworld IA 10 book as closely as possible with my decals and coloring. There are some things I just won't be able to do, like the lines on the rhinos - I just don't think I have the ability to do that.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Year in Review Day 3 - Dustin: My Dawn of War

At the turn of the century, while in pursuing my BBA at UofM, I picked up the 40k Space Marine/Dark Eldar starter from 3rd edition. All of the models were assembled and a few games were played.

However, with a full time job and a full load at school, I just didn't have the time (or money) to pursue the hobby. Instead, I lived my tabletop ambitions vicariously primarily through video games and books.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year in Review Day 2 - Tau4Eva: Games, Games, and More Games!

This was a banner year for me in the wargaming hobby. I managed to play more Warhammer 40k than ever. In addition to all that WH40K, I played multiple new and old game systems. 2011 was also the year I started writing articles for gaming blogs.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Year in Review Day 1 - Geneguard

Hi folks! Looks like I get to start off our year in review series of articles. There are lots of other places one can go to if you want to review 40k or other wargaming news/events for the year, so here we'll focus on a more personal perspective. I've decided to break down my year in review by game, starting with the obvious 40k.

2k11 40k: Where to begin? This has been a strange year for me and 40k. While the models keep getting better and better, I find myself a little estranged from the game itself. I guess I'm ready for 6th edition to hit and (hopefully) shake things up a bit. I have little time for games, and when I do my quest for 'fluff' over 'crunch' leads me to take sub-par lists that can't compete against modern codices for the most part. But even accounting for that issue the game just feels stale to me. All that being said, I still have had some great games here and there. Our (Muggins and myself) 'zero to hero' run at the Gamers Sanctuary team tournament a few months ago comes to mind- we took Best Generals with what seemed to be pretty bad lists, and had a lot of fun doing it! The last 40k campaign was fun as well.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Salamander Dreadnoughts

I finished up my 6th and 7th dreadnoughts tonight- one Ironclad and one 'jack of all trades' that is swappable (along with 3 other dreadnoughts of mine) between various permutations of lascannon, missile launcher, assault cannon, multimelta, and CCW.

First up is the ironclad, done in the same sponged-and-stippled weathering style as my first ironclad and many of my Cygnar jacks. The base is from Dragonforge, a seller that I can't recommend enough. The icicles are from there as well, though I don't know how I feel about them on the base.

Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 Wrap-up, Looking Forward

We're almost at the end of the 2011 and our club / blog has done some extraordinary things this year - with quite a few personal achievements along the way. Starting December 26th, (Pugilist Day), we'll be putting up one article per day by a different author with reflections from 2011 and goals / plans / thoughts for the new year.

2012 will be a huge year for not only 40k but many of our authors. Geneguard, Cerberus, and I will become fathers (primarchs?) in 2012. Brian is moving to Utah. Brother Jeremiah will be deployed overseas. Tau4Eva will be getting a new Tau codex most likely, meaning tons more models to buy. Dustin is looking to get into Fantasy and try out Hordes. We'll be doing a very elaborate Badab War campaign in the first or second quarter of 2012.

2011 has been a year for quite a few new things. New blog, new games (Warmachine, Pulp City, Necromunda, Fantasy), new friendships, Foodhammer, etc. Stay tuned to Fresh Coast 40k next week!

In the meantime, check out this article at 40k For the New Professional. Dude's blog is Zen for the 40k gamer.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Product Review - Greenman Designs Inc. - Wreck Templates, Blast Ruler

I purchased my Christmas present for myself in the form of destroyed tank templates and a really cool blast ruler. I believe I heard about Greenman Designs Inc. from the 11th Company Podcast. They produce custom wreck markers and any other kind of laser-cut tokens you can think of. I brought them out last night at Gamers Sanctuary and pretty much everyone wanted them!

I had planned to make destroyed tank markers like Dark Future Games had created. I've been planning to do that for 6 months and hadn't gotten around to it, so I found this company and decided to purchase a few items to check them out. They have packs of markers at about $15 that will give you a wreck marker for most Marine vehicles; they also have packs for Orks, Tau, Necrons, Dark Eldar, Eldar, and IG.

The wreck markers are clearly cut to the exact size of a rhino or land raider, so when you're in serious business ultra-competitive mode you're all set. It is easy to set models on top of them and they don't wobble and fall over, which sometimes happens if you're using ones you've created from bits or rubble.

You can get the templates in a multitude of colors - I've used a green color to match my Mantis Warriors. They're well marked with the type of template they are and have little designs on them. You can get them clear if you'd like to see through them.

The price on these templates is pretty good for a small company (sometimes I look at third party stuff and the price just turns me off... I understand the large overhead and the desire to make money, but "in these economic times..."). You can get a Land Raider template, two rhino tempaltes, and a drop pod template for $15. Add in a Land Speeder template at $3 and maybe another rhino or two and you've hit around $25. If you're running rhino spam you could pick up two marine groups for $30 and have four rhino templates.

The only downer I have for this company is that some of the templates don't have images on their site. I realize they're just getting started so I can understand that, but I know a lot of people wouldn't buy something if they can't see it first. I can tell you from looking at all the templates I have I would probably trust their design of just about any template.

The other product I purchased from GDI is a blast template ruler. We've all been in a game where your opponent rolls scatter and wildly draws a ruler in the total opposite direction that the scatter dice was rolled. This ruler will definitely help you. You line up the 0 on the target, aim the ruler in the direction of the scatter, and move the blast up to the number of inches moved. So easy and it is correct every time! You can even get it in any color to match your army.

I've linked a YouTube video from BoLS interviewing the owner of the company. Buy their stuff! Make your hobby better.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Foodhammer Thoughts and Wrap-up

Muggins: Wow... the charity event has come and gone and it was a whirlwind. We spent two months getting ready for this event - producing all the material, organizing the prizes, hashing out the rules, and marketing to 40k players all over Michigan (and Ohio!). It was well worth it. We raised $1,070 dollars in cash and $1,500 worth of non-perishable food items for the less fortunate in the Mid-Michigan area.

Muggins: It cannot be stated better than the above sentence. 40k players went out of their way to donate, even gathering donations from friends and family. This winter people will have food on the table because 20 players were so generous.

Geneguard: I am so blown away at the generosity of the 40k community. Everyone who showed up should be super proud.

Muggins: We would be remiss if we did not mention the generosity of Gamers Sanctuary that drove this event. The two megaforces and IA Badab War books were such a great carrot to get players to come out and donate. Others donated smaller items as well.

Geneguard: In addition, the staff at GS were a huge help during the event. The store owner Chad helped with crunching the numbers in between rounds, and with all sorts of other little things. The other staff members were super helpful with setting up, tearing down, etc. Thanks guys!

Muggins: We saw many very well painted armies and players had a great time. There weren't too many rules lawyer sessions and most players had the Gastronomicon and achievements down by round two.

Geneguard: Writing rules is a hard thing to do! But I'm glad to see the rules I came up with seemed to go down ok. There's definitely room for tweaks and improvements, but overall I'm pleased with how the Gastronomicon came out.

Muggins: We have already thought of changes for next year. We will definitely have a better raffle ticket system in place. If we can drum up enough interest (and we think we can) we'll rent a hall and double the number of players. With another year we'll have plenty of time to hash-out some of the more sticky rules of the Gastronomicon.

Geneguard: Pre-registration definitely sounds good to me as well!

Muggins: We'll probably bump the armies down to 1,500 points to save some time. We'll see if we can start earlier, maybe 9 a.m. Another idea we had was to coordinate with other Michigan Blogs to produce a 'tour' of tournaments next year in October, November, and December that are all focused around charity with a unifying theme.

Muggins: Enough organization garbage. The most-achieved 'cheevo was definitely "kill a vehicle by glancing it to death". We did have a ram for explosion, and someone even used tickets for a Waaagh!, which I didn't see until Round 3. (Tyranids with a Waaagh! would be insane!).

Geneguard: Hearing players yell out for the Waaagh! was great (and is technically part of the rules for it- check the codex!), and at least one person went above and beyond, very appropriately yelling out For Khorne! (or at this event, For Corn!) when he took advantage of the rule.

Muggins: Overall this was a great event for the Mid-Michigan area and a great way to get gamers involved with donating. Thanks to all who attended and we at FreshCoast40k look forward to seeing you next year. Stay tuned to the blog the week after Emperormas for a 2011 wrap-up.

Geneguard: Thanks again to everyone who helped or attended, and even the couple that gave us a donation when they asked about our shirts at breakfast! Charity 40k is definitely the best 40k. See you all next year!

Foodhammer in Pictures

We spent much of the day taking dozens of photos of the Foodhammer event at Gamers Sanctuary.  There were several awesome armies on display and several memorable images to share; here are a few. Click to embiggen.

Tau4eva manned the grill "For the Greater Good".
The mountain of donated food. 

Even Santa got in the spirit by helping sort the custom special tokens.

Muggins and Geneguard, AKA the "brains" of the operation, after nearly eight hours today and a very late night yesterday setting up tables and making the special tokens.

Most of the Fresh Coast 40K Club.  From Left to right: Tau4Eva, Geneguard, Maelstrom, Muggins, Cerberus, Ozzy (Grot in training), and Larry (clutching the Space Marine Megaforce he won in the raffle).   

The "Best Painted" winner.  This army had some excellent conversion work, a great display board, and a uniform look to the entire force that impressed us all.

Phil, from Ruinous Powers, had his Black Legion force on display as well.  His crisp colors, excellent basing, and overall high quality of his work earned him second place in the "Best Painted" category.

20 Players!
More player shots. Second round.

Santa Cerberus watches over all

Sweetly painted BA army from Hornblower at 40k Fight Club fights Mark's Tau.
Grey Knights fight over the fortress!
Daemons drop in for the holiday season.
Phil's daemon prince faces down the guns of Scott's marines.

Bike fight
A Blood Angel mob takes it to some Grey Knights.

Grey Knights move around the ruined tree.

Space Wolves hold the line

All 20 armies lined up on the front table!
Table 2 of prizes ended up including Cities of Death, Ultramarines the Movie, a box of Sniper Scouts, 4 aegis defense lines, and 2 Black Library book packs.
The main prizes. Space Marine megaforce, Dark Eldar megaforce, and the Badab War set.

Before the mayhem

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Foodhammer 2k11, quick update

Well, Foodhammer 2k11 is over and we are all exhausted, yet ecstatic. We raised $1,070 dollars in cash donations and about $1500 worth of non-perishable food! Holy crap! Thanks so much to everyone who came out, and especially Gamers Sanctuary for sponsoring and hosting the event.

Congrats to all our tournament and raffle winners. We had a ton of great prizes to give out, and lots of people went home happy!

Expect a full tournament recap soon, but I just wanted to post this quick update to thank all our players and readers.

One More Sleep 'til Foodhammer

The tables are set
The prizes are purchased
The food is refridgerating
The materials have been printed
Achievements are ready

This is a lot of work, but it is for a great cause.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Foodhammer: Learn it, Love it, Live it

The Foodhammer missions are now available, courtesy of Gamers Sanctuary! In addition to the missions, in this document you'll also find the achievements list and Gastronomicon rules.

All of the above are available in PDF form through this link. We'll of course provide printed copies on Saturday.

Remember, registration starts at 11, with gaming to start at noon. See you there!

Sweet mish, bro

Salabro Todd is famous for fist-bumping Eldar to death.
Last night was the third night of the Eden Campaign at Gamers Sanctuary. Scott wrote a pretty cool mission that was pretty different from most other missions we've played. It started out as a free for all and then on turn 3 you had to ally with a player (randomly). This put in a great element of strategy - beat up one player and hope he isn't your ally, or focus on all players?

Here is the mission text:

The Generals' blitzkrieg attacks were met with varying degrees of success. Some were able to inflict massive damage on the enemy encampments long before they were aware they were under attack. Of significance in these raids was the destruction of critical targets; targets that appeared to hold some significance to the army they represented.

In others, the defenders were able to quickly turn the tables on the attackers, holding on to their encampment till the aggressors lost resolve or annihilating them outright. While these attacks were unexpected, perhaps those Generals were too reckless in preparing the assault, or vastly under estimated the fortitude of their targets.

Regardless of the outcome of any individual battle, however, it was now clear that Eden wasn't going to be taken in a day. Those camps that were routed quickly sent word to their commanders that the enemy were on the move, and the likelihood of another opportunity to strike unknown was minimal. And those Generals that failed their assaults were sent reeling in the wake of their defeat, giving away their intentions to the enemy commanders and losing valuable troops in the process.

Word has come down from Command; not all of the factions on Eden are equally unfriendly, and there is a strong possibility of an alliance that could aid in the planets conquering. Orders have been given to send a field commander accompanied by a small battalion to a rendezvous point to meet with another faction's commander and discuss the possibility of an alliance. The only problem is that two other factions showed up, and you were never quite told who you'd be looking for...

Army Composition and Setup
This is a four player game.

Players will compose an army of up to 1250 points, using their standard army's FOC.

Play will occur on a 4'x4' board.

Deployment & Turn Order
Players roll off and each pick a board edge to be their own. Players may place units in reserve as normal. All units not placed in reserve will walk onto the board edge on the first turn, ala Dawn of War.

Turn order will then proceed as a Free for All.

Victory Conditions
Each Commander (any HQ unit) that survives until the end of combat counts as one objective.

At the end of the game, the player(s) with the most objectives wins.

Mission Special Rules

Free for All

Word from Command: You are not sure which of the three factions was the one you were supposed to ally with, and have sent a request to High Command to clarify. At the beginning of turn 3, before any players roll their dice to determine turn order, the player who's turn it was last rolls a di. On a 1-2, the player immediately allies himself with the player on his left; on a 3-4 he allies himself with the player on his right; on a 5-6 he allies himself with the player across from him.

Play continues as a team match from hereon, with the team who's player went last (who rolled the dice to decide teams) going second.

Note that this roll will determine teams for the rest of the Campaign!

An Axe to Grind: Defending players from Night Two, who's critical target did not survive for the course of the game, may not take said unit again for this mission.

Defending players' whos critical target did survive may choose one free Basic Upgrade from the store to apply to that unit if they choose to use it again for this mission.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Foodhammer Update: ACHIEVEMENTS

Horus crashed the family Christmas and the Emperor was pretty upset.
We're going all out with Foodhammer. Pulling out all the stops, bringing you the best prizes, offering the choicest women at the after-party just so you can donate all of your hard earned cash to those less fortunate this winter. OK, there is no after-party.

We've already announced that there will be two megaforces available - Space Marines and Dark Eldar. We've announced that we will be raffling off Imperial Armour 9 and 10 - the Badab War set. We've announced that the normal GW prizes will be available. That is over $700 in prizes to be raffled off. Big thanks to Gamers Sanctuary for providing all of this and being the driver of this charitable work.

To that epic collection will be added the final prize - the ultimate prize - ULTRAMARINES THE MOVIE COLLECTORS EDITION. I know, you're hyperventilating. Calm down, just sit and have a huff for a minute.

So we have four different raffle prizes and the normal GW prize support for a tourney. What else could make this megatournament amazing?

To borrow a phrase from the D6Generation podcast, ACHIEVEMENTS IN GAMING-aming-ing!

During the tournament, when you do something especially amazing, you'll be awarded an Achievement Bag. This bag has some choice bits in it. Some of the bags have something pretty sweet - scouts have spotted a Sanguinor model, a Huron Blackheart Finecast™ model still in box, etc.

Dice bags, tokens, achievement bags. Ultramarines the movie!
Before the tournament starts you'll also receive a dice bag with your tokens in it that you can purchase using tickets. The token goes next to a unit or model that is benefiting from it.

Token sheet
So what are the achievements, you ask? Here they are:
1. Drive me closer!: Explode a vehicle by ramming.

2. Suffer not the alien to love: Nominate one infantry unit at the beginning of the game. Achievement awarded if the unit has not engaged in close combat at the end of the game.

3. No! The other way!: Kill 3 models of your own by accidental scatter of weaponry in one shot.

4. Nice shot kid, one in a million!: Annihilate a unit / vehicle worth more 2x or more the points value than the firing unit.

5. Mama said there would be days like this: Lose close combat by more than 5 wounds.

6. My armor is contempt: A model survives a shooting phase by passing at least 6 saves that round.

7. Even in death I still serve!: Your vehicle explodes, killing at least 3 enemy combatants.

8. To the last man and the last round!: Destroy an enemy vehicle with only "Weapon Destroyed"
and "Immobilized" damage results.

9. No retreat, no surrender!: Your unit is wiped out by No Retreat! wounds.

10. Bullet magnet: A full strength, multi-model enemy unit is wiped out in a single shooting phase via small arms fire alone. No templates, or blast markers of any type may be used.