Monday, October 31, 2011

Necromunda: Halloween in the Hive

This past weekend we hosted a huge game of Necromunda at Gamers Sanctuary. 5 gangs participated in total; the usual 4 that have been showing up regularly plus a newcomer. I rolled up two gangs for demo purposes (The Smoking Ice Scorpions and Poison Gorillas).

We had a lot of fun; the idea was to take down as many zombies as possible. The zombies started out in groups of 5 around 5 sewer manholes. Each turn they would move 2d6 in a scatter die direction. If they came close to a ganger they were considered to have charged that ganger. Each turn 1d6 zombie would spawn from each sewer manhole.

It was pretty tough. I lost two scavvies early on to zombie bites. One of them died at the end from zombie plague! Josh's leader who is basically Rambo was also taken down by zombies in a dazzling display of non-talent - he managed to avoid death.

Loot counters were present all over the board, so there was incentive for the gangs to fight each other as well. Josh and Bill worked together for mutual benefit on their side of the board and Adam took shots at my scavvies who luckily survived.

All in all we had a ton of fun, and it is awesome seeing all the painted gangs on the field. We played on an 8x4 board full of hive terrain. Photos follow:

The gangs move into the crossroads
The Brews hold a barricade against the oncoming zombie horde
Van Saar gangers move up the board
My scavvies start ending zombies
End game shot. The scavvies and Poison Gorillas worked together to defeat the zombie horde on the far side.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

100 Blog Posts: Treat Yo'self

Can Detlef Schrempf play 40k? I heard he has Space Wolves.
Fresh Coast 40k has reached 100 blog posts! I had no idea when we started this blog earlier this year we'd get where we are today. We've kept on top of organization and started promoting the site more (we actually have our own domain,

We feel we provide great content (hobby related, fluff, narrative stuff) that isn't seen as much elsewhere on the web. We've joined the From the Warp webring so more people will see the site. We'll be producing t-shirts soon for avid fans of the blog (like my dog, and my wife!) and we're even looking at hosting a charity event in December.

In the new year we'll be starting our Badab War campaign with plenty of fluff, narrative rules, and painting submissions to fill your Google Reader with. We have interviews coming up and some game reviews.

In the near future you'll see us at the following events:

Every Monday for quite a while: Warmachine Journeyman League

October 29th: Halloween in the Hive - Necromunda Event at Gamers Sanctuary

November 5th: 2500 Point Warhammer Fantasy Tournament at Gamers Sanctuary

November 19th: 1850 Point Warhammer 40k Tournament at Gamers Sanctuary

After that we'll be doing the 40k Big Game in conjunction with MI40k hopefully in January 2012.

Here's to another 100 blog posts!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hobby Progress: Scavvies Finished, Liquid Green Stuff!

I've finished my scavvies for the most part. I have to paint up some zombies but I'm not too worried about them at this point.

Scatter guns and swamp feet

Dudes love stub guns a lot
Scalies on the right. Big and tough.

I also used the new GW liquid green stuff. I will first say that a) I am a lazy hobbyist, I try to get things done quickly and b) I am not artistic. Green stuff has always been a struggle for me - getting it to the right consistency and I have no artistic skills to actually sculpt anything. I mostly just use it to help hold together joints and fill gaps.

This liquid green stuff is right up my alley on both counts. I just paint it into the area and it seals. You can water it down with some water on your brush. I really like it!

I attempted to green stuff the gaps in this Old Witch model for Warmachine. It is a big bulky pewter model and it doesn't go together so well.

Before shots

Babe's got some gaps if you know what I mean.

After shots

All in all I'm impressed. The liquid green stuff was viscous enough (it has the consistency of a foundation paint) to enter the gaps and fill it, but not obscure detail where I went over non-gap parts. It did take a few tries in the bigger gap at the top of her head / back area.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Necromunda Campaign First Update

Our campaign has been going for two weeks now and we've had plenty of time to get some games in. My scavvies (Dave's Sump Dregs) have played in 7 games. I've already lost 3 scavvies!

This is our first campaign update:
The hive is abuzz with a fresh new rumor of a HUGE archeotech find. While digging deeper than anyone has dug before in the Wasted Winter Warts, prospector Johnto Moronto has uncovered an extremely fresh landmark. He will award it to the most improved gang from his point of view.

ARCHEOTECH. Old ruins have been found. Make a note of each gang's gang rating. Two weeks from today, the gang whose gang rating has
increased by the largest number of points gets the new piece of territory. In addition, the territory includes some valuable archeotech which adds 250 credits to the gang's stash.

In other news, Dave's Sump Dregs have been quite busy, fighting in seven battles and losing all but one. They did generate quite a bit of credits in those battles; Dave used them on a rare power maul and hiring more gangers as several of them were killed in battle.

Current gang ratings:

The Brews                    1802
Xirtam Droogs            1481
Huevos Rancheros    1417
Enochian Crescent    1384
Dave's Sump Dregs    1335

Delaques furiously try to hold on to their loot
Dave's dregs aggressively move across the hive floor

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Recent Paintjobs: Necromunda Scavvies, Mantis Warriors, Thunderhawk

Brian finished Larry's Thunderhawk
Missiles and a big weewee on top
Dave, scavvy boss on the left, and Billy, scaly
These are Necromunda Scavvies

Dave has a power maul
Mantis Warriors drop pod
First tac marine test and decal testing

Van Saar Gang Painted

I thought I'd post some pics of my recently-finished Van Saar gangers for Necromunda. They're not my best work as to be honest I got bored with them and just wanted them done.

The whole gang is just a starter box plus additional heavy stubber dude. In their first outing against muggins, they did pretty well. Shotgun dude Nikos went down after getting shot and falling. He was captured, but I got him back for 25 creds. No other wounds. I caused muggins' gang to bottle out after a lucky round of shooting. Got a couple of nice advances but little $ after the game. Bummer too as I rolled up both a power sword and web pistol for rare items. All in all, definitely a fun game I want to play more of.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Necromunda: Now Is the Winter of our Discontent

Our campaign kicked off last night with 4 gangs fighting it out over hive territory. I showed up with my Scavvies (Dave's Sump Dregs), Dennis showed up with his Cawdor, Josh brought Orlocks and Adam (first time Necromunda player!) brought out his Delaques.

Josh and I showed up a bit early so we played a game to get started. I really had no idea how to play as Scavvies, so I just moved forward and hoped to get lucky. Josh's dudes tore up my mutants and zombies pretty well. His leader alone took down 2 or 3 zombies and my leader in close combat.

Setting up a firebase with BS 2 scavvies probably wasn't the best idea.

Zombies (the Goliath is a zombie) and my close combat scavvy advance. You can see the bulk of Josh's gang at the back.
Getting the rules back in my mind wasn't that tough. I played a ton of this in middle and high school. Epic turns were everywhere - with so few models you need every shot to count.

In my second game against Dennis I ran my scavvies and zombies forward as fast as possible, hoping that he would miss his shots. I got extremely lucky and he did. I then shot into his guys holding the high ground and absolutely murdered them. My scaly with a speargun downed 2 dudes with one shot.

The scavvies advance across an open hive floor
Adam's Delaques set up in cover
My scavvies close in on Dennis' Cawdor gangers holding the line.


All in all it was an enjoyable evening. My dudes didn't advance a whole lot, but they did get some useful advances when they did. Josh seemed to get quite a few good advances. I can tell being a scavvy outlaw gang will be tough; the amount of money I can stockpile is really, really, really small.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

WH40k Battle - Dark Angels Vs Blood Angels

Maelstorm wanted to try out an 1850 Deathwing tournament list so we got together and played a game on Sunday. I brought a 1850 Blood Angel mech list with 2 Stormravens against his all terminator army. Unfortunatly, we didn't take pictures during the game. However, Maelstorm wrote up a good battle report so I thought I would post it here (below). We used one of the scenarios from the last Gamer's Sanctuary tournament. It was kill points (primary) with one center objective that only HQs could claim (tertiary). Overall, it was a fun game. I played too cocky though and should have used my fast vehicles to play keep away. I gave up too many multi-assaults against those TH/SS terminators. Maelstorm played well, I am looking foward to a rematch.
Dark Angels, 1,850
Belial, Master of the Deathwing, TH/SS
Librarian in Terminator Armour, Combi-Plasma
5x Assault Terminators, TH/SS, Missile Launcher
5x Assault Terminators, TH/SS, Missile Launcher
5x Assault Terminators, TH/SS, Missile Launcher
5x Terminators, SB/PF, Missile Launcher, Sergeant Lightning Claws
5x Terminators, SB/PF, Missile Launcher, Sergeant Lightning Claws
5x Terminators, SB/PF, Missile Launcher, Sergeant Lightning Claws
Land Speeder, Multi-Melta
Land Speeder. Multi-Melta

Blood Angels, 1,850
1x Librarian (Shield, Fear)
1x Sanguinary Priest, Power Sword
2x Stormravens, Twin-Linked Multi-Meltas, Twin-Linked Plasma Cannons
2x Baal Predators, TL Assault Cannons, 2x Heavy Bolters
1x Predator, Autocannon, 2x Lascannons
1x Razorbacks with Twin-Linked Plasma + Lascannon
2x Razorbacks with Twin-Linked Assault Cannons
2x 5-man Assault Squads with Melta
1x 5-man Assault Squad with Flamer + Power Sword
1x Furioso Dreadnought with Blood Talons
1x 5-man Assault Squad (JP) with Melta + Power Sword
1x 5-man Scout Sniper Squad with Missile Launcher and camo cloaks.

Dark Angels won the roll and set-up first - 3 units of standard Terminators and the Land Speeders on the field in cover and 3 units of TH/SS Termintors in Reserve. The Blood Angels set up with everything except the Baal Predators in the Librarians 6" shield bubble. The Blood Angels tossed the dice and stole the initiative!

It was a Blood Angels shooting gallery/slaughter during turns 1 & 2, it was not pretty. 2 units of Deathwing Assault TH/SS Terminators came in on turn 1, the 3rd unit remained in reserves. The Dark Angels lost almost 2 full units of Terminators and both Land Speeders (1 wrecked, 1 immobilized on turn 1) in the first 2 turns! The Dark Angels were ready to admit Deathwing Assault was not viable in such a crazy-shooty battlefield. Blood Angels reposition and shoot, reposition and shoot, with Terminators falling quickly.

Revenge of the Missile Launchers: It wasn't until turn 3 when the Blood Angels lost their Plasma weapons to missile fire that the balance began to slowly tip. The 6th unit of Terminators made it in via Deep-strike, blocking the retreat of vehicles from assault and the Dark Angels were able to multi-assault vehicles in the Blood Angel librarians 6" shield bubble, starting a parking lot of wrecked vehicles.

At the bottom of turn 4 the Blood Angels lost their Furioso Dreadnought to a Missile, their Librarian to Storm Bolter fire and their last Storm Raven to Assault - after he few flat out! By the bottom of turn 5 the Blood Angels only had a single wounded Baal Predator left (heavy bolters only), the Scouts, a unit of 5 troops (within 3 inches of a full unit of basic Termies) and a squad with only 3 men left (within 2 inches of a full unit of TH/SS Termies). The dice gods decreed the battle continue, the Blood Angels retired from the field. A strange turn of events indeed...

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Fresh Coast 40k Blog Header Image

If you take a look up top you'll see our new blog header image for Fresh Coast 40k. Jeff Porter has created this for us and we love it.

Our new header!
You'll notice Salamander marines (geneguard's main army) fighting off hordes of genestealers, gargoyles, a harridan, hormagaunts, rippers,  and even a carnifex (Tyranids are my main army). A few Mantis Warriors (my new Space Marine army) are holding the line as well, practicing their bolter drill.

I've admired Jeff's art for a while. You may recognize his image of the carnifex overrunning Imperial lines. I actually printed this one out and I have it on my wall near my PC at home. The color is amazing.

The level of detail in this picture is mind boggling!

His site can be found here. His blog can be found here. I recommend going through both; he has done some amazing 40k art.

Friday, October 7, 2011

1850 Point 40k Tournament - Gamers Sanctuary - October 15th

Gamers Sanctuary is hosting a tournament next weekend (October 15th, noon) and we're planning on attending. You can find the details of the tournament here. Scenarios will be posted soon.

I am planning on taking my new Mantis Warriors army to this event. I started the army because I want to be able to play in our Badab War campaign next year and I thought I should also have an Imperial army. I chose Codex: Space Marines because I wanted to field a well-balanced force. I've made up a list that I'd like to take:

1850 Pts - Codex: Space Marines Roster

HQ: Space Marine Librarian in Terminator Armour (1#, 140 pts)
   1 Space Marine Librarian in Terminator Armour,  Storm Shield

I chose a librarian because psychic defenses are so necessary. He'll drop pod in with sternguard in most missions. That way he is on the field in turn 1, hopefully in a good location to stop psychic powers. He'll have Gate of Infinity and Null Zone.

Troops: Scout Squad (5#, 100 pts)
   4 Scout Squad,  + Camo Cloaks + Missile Launcher
      1 Sergeant, Camo Cloak

Troops: Scout Squad (5#, 100 pts)
   4 Scout Squad,  + Camo Cloaks + Missile Launcher
      1 Sergeant, Camo Cloak

 Pretty simple here. They'll get in cover and try to take down rhinos or troops on foot.

Troops: Tactical Squad (11#, 230 pts)
   9 Tactical Squad, ML and flamer
      1 Sergeant,  + Power Fist
      1 Rhino

Troops: Tactical Squad (11#, 230 pts)
   9 Tactical Squad, ML and flamer

      1 Sergeant,  + Power Fist
      1 Rhino
My firebase. They stay in rhinos as long as possible. Can shoot forward to midfield and hold.

Elite: Dreadnought (1#, 125 pts)
   1 Dreadnought, Twin-Linked Autocannon + Twin-Linked Autocannon
Elite: Dreadnought (1#, 135 pts)
   1 Dreadnought, Twin-Linked Lascannon
The TL autocannon dread is too good at popping razorbacks to pass up in my opinion.

Elite: Sternguard Veteran Squad (8#, 240 pts)
   6 Sternguard Veteran Squad,  + Combi-Flamer x1  + Combi-Meltagun x1  + Combi-Plasmagun x2  + Missile Launcher x1 + Multi-melta x1
      1 Sergeant,      
      1 Drop Pod,
They'll drop in with my librarian. He has gate of infinity in case they need to move fast.

Heavy Support: Predator (1#, 95 pts)
   1 Predator, 95 pts = Hunter-killer Missile 10 + Heavy Bolter (each side)

Heavy Support: Predator (1#, 95 pts)
   1 Predator, 95 pts = Hunter-killer Missile 10 + Heavy Bolter (each side)

Heavy Support: Predator (1#, 95 pts)
   1 Predator, 95 pts = Hunter-killer Missile 10 + Heavy Bolter (each side)
Long range support. These dudes will hopefully draw some fire on turn 1. I can remove the HK missiles if I think I need some more points.

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Squadron (1#, 100 pts)
   1 Land Speeder Squadron + Multi-melta x1 + Typhoon Missile Launcher 

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Squadron (1#, 100 pts)
   1 Land Speeder Squadron + Multi-melta x1 + Typhoon Missile Launcher

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Storm (1#, 65 pts)
   1 Land Speeder Storm + Multi-melta
Fast pressure in turn 1 that will be applied along with my drop pod. Hopefully they can do something.

I tried a list with about 50% of this in it against Brian the other night with his Blood Wolves. He brought razorspam, 11 tanks on the board. It was tougher and I don't think Codex Space Marines can stand up in an all out razorspam fight (since BA are all fast) and I'll be fighting mostly Grey Knights, BA, and SW at the tourney most likely. The balanced force I have planned should hopefully do a little better.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Interview: Cowboy Kenny of The Heroic 28s Podcast

I had the pleasure of interviewing Cowboy Kenny of the Heroic 28s via email. You can find their site here. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to their podcast - they stay on topic, they don't waste time with dick and fart jokes, they have a clear and organized agenda. I really like it! I would put it up there with The Independent Characters and 11th Company as the top 3 40k related podcasts.

Hi Kenny, first, can you introduce your podcast and tell us what your mission is with it?
Our podcast, the Heroic 28s, is a 40k centric podcast with a little bit of other game systems thrown in for variety.  We are based out of Dallas, TX and release every two weeks by late Monday-early Tuesday.  Our original mission of our podcast was to unify the community here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.  After seeing the majority of our listeners from other places in the world besides north Texas, our mission has become to be the most fun and well rounded 40k podcast on the internet. 

Who are the people who staff your podcast?
Our podcast was co-founded by myself, Cowboy Kenny and Uncle Buck.  I have trained myself in becoming the produced of our show.  Our staff used to include Newbie Nate, but he had to step down because of family and work.  He is still as much a part of the H28 family as much as any of my co-hosts and will make appearances when he can.  
Chem-Dog Cory joined the team on Episode 5 as a guest host.  Cory is a new player to the game, only having started in 5th Edition.  The Stig was added on Episode 6 and has fulfilled the role as veteran and all-around knowledge based gamer playing many various gaming systems.  
Sandman Mike was added on Episode 14, as he is a big player in our gaming group, winning multiple local tournaments and placing high in GTs he brings a very tactical aspect to the podcast.

What armies do you play?
Kenny- Tyranids, Space Wolves/Chaos Space Marines (Dark Wolves), Orks
Uncle Buck- Grey Knights
Cory- Eldar, Ravenguard
The Stig- IG, Orks, Blood Angels, Dark Eldar
Mike- Eldar, Grey Knights

What other games do you play besides 40k?
The majority of us play Warmachine/Hordes as a second game, Buck and Cory play WHFantasy as well, and Stig is into Dystopian Wars, Helldorado, and has started in Malifaux.

What has been your experience lately with Tyranids?
Fifth Edition codex was not bad in its initial release.  When the FAQ was released, the codex really got screwed.  Now the codex has been pushed to having very mono-builds to make them competitive. These mono-builds all include 1-2 Tervigons, 1-2 Trygons, Gargoyles, and a BUTTLOAD of genestealers.  With additional now of Grey Knights, the Tyranids have been even harder to play, there is almost now room for error and your dice need to be on your side.

What do you think GW could do to fix Tyranids?
GW could remove the rule of not allowing Shadow in the Warp to affect psykers in transports. Allowing Warrior Primes to enter play attached to squads in Mycetic Spores. Allowing units who took Mycetic Spores as Dedicated Transports to start the game on the board and not enter via deep strike.  Make Mycetic Spores toughness 5 and tyranid warriors T5 and 2W.  Lastly, give Synapse creatures some kind of invul save.

Can you tell us a little about the Railhead Rumble?
The Railhead Rumble 2012 is 1850 6-round GT in Dallas, TX at the A-Kon Convention June 1st-3rd. We have room for 60 players and will have a tournament for Warmachine/Hordes as well.  First round is a seeding day and will allow people who may not be "as good" or others or maybe had a day of bad dice to play others of like skill/luck.  Prizes are awarded to both brackets.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell the world?
The Heroic 28s have noticed a veritable rise in popularity and we cannot say "Thank You" enough to all of our listeners.  From the bottom of all our hearts we offer so much thanks and gratitude to everyone.  Please continue to listen as we grow and be apart of our podcast as we make it the best on the web!

Monday, October 3, 2011


Over the weekend we gathered at Brian's house to test Spearhead, the game variant GW put out a while back in a WD. We've played many of the variant game types so far and it makes the game a lot better to mix in a change once in a while. I wasn't too keen on Spearhead from the start, since 5th Edition is already Warhammer Tank Battles and the Tyranid spearhead formations were abysmal. We played it this weekend and I used my newly minted Mantis Warriors.

My army was made up of the following:

Captain on bike, relic blade
Librarian in terminator armor
Terminators with storm bolters and fists
Bike squadron, attack bike, melta, fist
Bike squadron, attack bike, melta, fist
Land speeder storm, melta
Scout squad with bolters and missile launcher
Predators x2, autocannon + bolters
Venerable dreadnought, TL lascannon and fist

Not a super spearheady army, but really I used all the tanks I have so far. I have three rhinos to put together and a crusader that needs new guns. The bikes and speeder were part of the "Seek and Destroy" spearhead formation where they can go flat out or turboboost and still shoot a shot once per game. The tanks were part of an armored spearhead where they got a 5+ invuln save.

My partner Brian brought three vindicators, three baal predators, and three lascannon predators. He also had two deep striking units of terminators.

We faced off against Eldrad and Tau. Lots of railguns, lots of wave serpents and fire prisms. Eldrad is the biggest jerk in the world.

The game played very similar to regular 40k. We ran at each other from two short sides of an 8x4 board. Rather, the Blood Angels and Mantis Warriors charged headlong and then deep struck our terminators in. The Tau managed to land some crisis suits in the back of our lines that didn't die to a torrent of fire, so they contested one of our objectives.

Our terminators and most of my bikes were 'Doom'-ed by Eldrad and died like babies. We did manage to destroy quite a few things, but not enough to hold their main objective at the end of the game.

Brian's vindicators charged forward on the first turn. My bikes moved up. This was pre-Eldrad.
My land speeder storm (nicknamed "Deathtrap") managed to scout 24, move 24 in my first turn, then move 24 in my second turn. He made it all the way across the board in two turns, it was pretty funny.

Josh's Eldar made a suicide flank march to try to blow up our tanks. It worked out pretty well for them, then they died.
Deathtrap takes on an entire tau armored division
Minutes later everything was dead from Doom
I think we had a great time. It was pretty much 40k as the book says it should be - lots of stuff blowing up. Next time I think I'd take less bikes and three more tanks. We'll try to kill Eldrad in turn one as well. Dude is a jerk.

Teaser! Mantis Warrior drop pod priming: