Friday, April 29, 2011

Unboxing - Warmachine Khador Gun Carriage

I'm super pumped about this model and using it in Warmachine. I haven't played much at all recently, but I really want to paint this thing.

I was a little disappointed that there are no instructions in the box. It isn't immediately obvious how to attach the bottom to the main tank portion. Also there was a lot of flash.

The box itself


The big pieces.

Gun tank!

The booty

The carriage part.

These parts had to be removed for the bottom to attach to the tank portion.

Horsies and wheels

Welcome Gamers Sanctuary to the world of blogging!

Hey all, just a quick note to let you know Gamers Sanctuary has joined the blogging world. Gamers Sanctuary, in this humble gamer's opinion, is the best FLGS you can spend your time and money at in Michigan. I've been to stores in other states as well and none have come close, either! Chad and his staff are quick with customer service, very polite, experienced in all the games they carry and the store is extremely well-lit (huge!).

So go over and check out their blog here.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tyranids: Awesome Atmospheric Photos

Not much substance to this post, just a link to a really, really, really awesome set of atmospheric photos.

The Tyranid Hive Forum

I love this stuff - very Imperial Armor-like. I really want to do this sometime with some of my models.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Know Your Enemy 101: Tyranids

Just thought I'd post up a quick article. I know a lot of the time when I play at GS I'm just about the only Tyranid player there. Nobody knows what my army does. This quick article aims to tell you (from a marine viewpoint, most likely) what some more common units do and what you should know.

It is well known that destroying the more intelligent creatures in the swarm is essential to stop a Tyranid advance. Training in recognition and fire discipline is of some help in identifying the best targets but the chaos and confusion of the battlefield make it difficult for troops to pick out their targets amidst the swarming mass of creatures. Ultimately it has proven best to direct fire at the largest Tyranids in sight and pray to the Emperor that some of them are the leaders.

First a quick note about tyranids: the big ones usually provide brains to the little ones. Shoot the big ones and it is possible the tyranid player won't be able to control what they do. They have to make a leadership test for each unit that is out of synapse (12" range from my of the big ones). If they fail it is likely they'll either run towards the closest unit or shoot at the closest unit.

A second quick note: the big ones also provide a 12" range bubble that makes it tough for you to do psychic powers (this includes force weapons). You have to roll 3d6 and any doubles results in perils of the warp.

Hive Tyrant: provides synapse. Big monstrous creature, 2d6 pen on vehicles. Power weapons. 3+ save, NO INVULNERABLE! Since he is a monstrous creature, it is tough to get a cover save. Nasty nasty nasty psychic power is "paroxysm". This makes the target unit BS 1 and WS 1.

Tyranid Prime: bigger tyranid warrior. Provides synapse. Toughness 5 so it allows wound shenanigans to units it attaches to and almost can't be insta-killed. 3 wounds. Can provide its WS and BS to warriors.
Tyranid Warrior: Toughness 4! Double it up and you kill him easily. 3 wounds. Nasty in close combat especially when led by a Tyranid Prime. Can be given lash whips (you're at initiative 1) and bone swords (leadership test or die). Slow. Provider of synapse.

Raveners: can come in from deep strike. Tons of attacks. Beasts (12" charge, fleet). Often has rending. 3 wounds at Toughness 4! Rapid fire them to death.
Hormagaunts: small tyranid used to screen. I5 and fleet. Lots of attacks on the charge.

Termagants: usually armed with 12" str 4 assault gun at BS3. Cheap. Can be buffed by tervigon.

Genestealers: WS6, I6! 5+ armor save, shoot them with bolters. Fleet, with rending and move through cover. They're FAST. Don't get into close combat with them if you can manage it. They may outflank or infiltrate on you. Don't need synapse.

Gargoyles: Jump infantry. Often times upgraded to wound on a 4+ poisoned. Nasty in close combat. Sometimes used as screens to give MCs cover.

Zoanthropes: Synapse creature - they have psyker powers, one is a str 10 lance and one is a str 5 ap 3 blast. Both have to roll to hit. Shut them down with librarians.

Hive Guard: Toughness 6, 2 wounds, they shoot a 24" assault 2 strength 8 shot great for taking out transports. Don't need LOS. Priority target.

Trygon: nastiest MC. Can deep strike, is fleet. Tons of attacks, re-rolling hits. Really nasty in close combat.

Mawloc: MC that can pop up and hit your dudes from deep strike. Not as nasty in close combat.

Tervigon: perhaps the best entry in the book. Poops out gaunts each turn until enemy rolls doubles. It is an MC, but doesn't hit too hard in close combat. Great psyker powers - can give FNP to units, can allow a unit to run and shoot. Makes termagants really nasty. Destroy it and gants die around it.

So that is some of the Tyranid units. Hope it helps players that have never seen them before. I'm sure I missed some strategies etc, but I aimed for a high level overview. Any comments?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Deffskull Ork Army

Old School Terminator asked for some shots of my Deffskulls, and I'm in the mood for procrastinating from grading, so here we go!

An early conversion of mine using a junk basilisk I got in a craigslist lot is up first. It's a shame Looted Wagons are so terrible in-game, especially the boomgun version.

Looted Basilisk:

Random Ork Boyz:

Big Mek and assistant:

Killa Kanz:

(Poorly framed) Deff Dread:

Diorama piece I did for a competition:

Well that was a whole lot of pics. Hope someone enjoys them! Stay tuned for pics of models from someone other than me.

Some Conversions - Tyranid Prime and Broodlord

Just a quick update with some WIP photos. I built three primes, one with two bone swords and two with a bone sword / lash whip.

I also made this ridiculous broodlord out of a venomthrope body and old zoanthrope parts. I'm not a very big fan of the current pewter broodlord; it doesn't seem dynamic at all. I am hoping to pick up a plastic space hulk broodlord to use on the tabletop (I have one with the board game, but I'd like him to stay with the game).

I have to do some green stuff work on them, filling in gaps etc, and file off some stuff still.

Week 3 Campaign Information: Devouring of Reth

Weeks 1 and 2 went really well. Combat patrol is something we haven't done in a while so getting back to small games was pretty cool. Now we're moving up to 1750 (why not play with a lot of models on the board?) and starting two weeks of battle missions before Cities of Death™.

Week 3 Mission: Surgical Strike


Brother Captain Jeremiah paced back and forth behind the line of red armored superhumans. Bio plasma was flying past his un-helmeted head and burning men left and right. Marines of the 3rd company had made landfall 10 minutes ago behind enemy lines and were quickly making their way toward the identified enemy sub-commander. Wave after wave of confused tyranid brood was falling to bolter fire. Soon he would have the head of the xenos beast...


Assault Squad Eta's jump packs screamed down toward Reth. Sergeant Adamian could see the target lit up like the engine of a thunderhawk in his visor. He powered up his sword and issued orders to the squad.

"Jarnian and Smintor, go right! Gaius and Brontior you're with me!" Adamian screamed into the vox in his helmet. As soon as they hit the ground he threw off his helmet and raced to the target, a massive amount of armor moving headlong for the largest tyranid beast he could see. Chainswords revved, the smoke of battle hung low over the field and the Sons of Sanguinius were once again rending the enemy.



Blood Angel Captain Jeremiah has ordered a vicious counter attack to cut into the heart of the tyranid army. Dozens of drop pods have been released to Reth and squad upon squad of assault marines have landed. The Ork incursion has been split and the Boss is under attack.

Week 3 of the Reth Campaign will use the mission rules for Surgical Strike. The Blood Angels will be the attacker.

The official rules for Surgical Strike can be found here: ... Strike.pdf

This will be a 1750 point battle. Standard FOC.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Painting Highlight - Space Marine Librarian

Hey everyone,

I've been graciously invited by muggins to contribute to this blog. Since I do more modeling and painting, that will generally be the focus of my articles. Over time, I hope to feature tutorials, store painting contests, and other modeling/painting related stuff. One regular feature I would like to do is to highlight the cool models Gaming Sanctuary regulars have done. There's some great work out there waiting to be seen by the rest of the world!

If the readers will indulge me, I'll start with some of my own recent work. (Mainly because I just decided to do this regular feature article, and didn't get a chance to bug anyone about featuring their stuff!) I play Salamanders Space Marines as well as Deffskull Orks, but today I went with the Salamanders.

As the article title has already made clear, I decided to feature my most recent 40k model- a librarian. I've played 40k since about 6 months or so before 5th edition came out, and have never run a psyker. Figured I better fix that.

As you can see, I removed the plasma pistol and replaced it with a combi-flamer. I tried to emulate the combi-flamer from this cover:

Normally here is where I would ask some questions of the featured painter, so instead I'll just blather on a bit myself. Overall I'm pretty happy with the model, though my picture-taking still has room for improvement. His armor is GW Enchanted Blue with a 50/50 Enchanted/Ice Blue highlight, with a touch of P3 Menoth White Highlight (MWH) thrown in the mix as well. The force blade is all P3 paints- layering from Meridius Blue through Arcane Blue up to some very light pure MWH highlights.

The blob of snow-covered stuff on the base is actually an ork skull, though it's difficult to make out in the pictures. I've done both armies in the same basing scheme, with subtle callouts to the opposing team. So here for example, there's an ork skull on the base. On my Warboss, a marine helmet dangles from his shoota. One of my trukks has bits looted from a Rhino. I'm currently working on a heavily urbanized board that will feature Imperial buildings as well as buildings that have been looted or taken over by the Deffskulls. I think it adds a nice thematic element to the two armies.

Anyway, that's enough from me. Hopefully someone out there has enjoyed this. If any Gaming Sanctuary people have a model you'd like to see featured, drop me a line! I'd be happy to arrange it.

Tyranid Harpy Conversion - Hive Fleet Muggis

A while back I had decided I wanted to try out everything in the Tyranid codex for fun. I had read all about the tournament lists with multiple trygons, tervigons, etc. I wanted to try every single piece of the puzzle and see if there was anything hiding. (Except for the pyrovore!).

I set out to built a Harpy about a month ago. I had the plan in my head - I had an Old One Eye body laying around and some trygon parts would go for the tail. From the carnifex kit I pulled some venom cannons, scything talons, and head. Balrog wings and a flyer base rounded out the model.

He came out pretty well, and people LOVED him at the tournament yesterday. Like I said in my previous post, I am humbled by the way people talk about my army sometimes. One regular wanted me to make a harpy for him, lol!

Some photos:


You can see him in battle vs Daemons here:

Post-Tournament Bittersweet Blues

We had our tournament yesterday at Gamers Sanctuary in Flint, MI - 1500 points, 4 rounds, player-created scenarios. It was pretty fun and I am grateful to GS staff for running it!

My tyranid drop-outflank list I posted yesterday went 1-3. The whole idea with the list was the hive commander (hive tyrant) would allow everything to come in on turn 2 with a 3+, and the genestealers and tervigon would outflank (due to Hive Commander allowing one troop to outflank).

I knew this wasn't going to be a terribly competitive build but I figured I would try it for fun. I was lucky in that I got to play some of my friends' lists and see what they'd bring to a competitive tournament.

Round 1 I went up against Blood Angels led by a cool guy that comes into the store all the time. We had to play a scenario where you took a copy of your leader and gave it to other person; this was a doppelganger so to speak and you had to kill it.

My commander was of course Hive Tyrant Muggis and he was 260 points. My opponent had Gabriel Seth (160?) so I was already down 100 points in the game! I managed to hide shadow-Seth behind a building but turn 2 he was killed as my dudes dropped in. I didn't give him enough support, lol.

My opponent thought it was in the bag, but he moved his copy of Muggis to his back left table edge. My genestealers came on from outflank, rended him 4 times and killed him. It was tied! His general, Seth, wasn't attached to a unit, so my Zoans ran over and warp lanced him in the face. My hive tyrant survived, so I won!

Game 2 was against John's Space Wolves. I've never had good luck against the new SW. I'll save my whining for another post, but I played very well (so did John) and it was very close. I managed to kill thunderwolves! Bjorn survived 3 warp lances to his rear armor. :(

Game 3 was against Adam's Blood Angels. This mission had a table-edge shortening mechanic and the center objective (the only one) had an 18" anti-deep strike bubble. The first player to take the objective scored the tertiary; if you held the objective for a turn you scored the primary; I can't remember what the secondary was.

My army wasn't built for this one at all, especially since it was from short table edges and there was basically no cover that way. Adam tabled me, I think.

Game 4 was against Dustin's Daemons. It was super fun, just a normal book mission. He won 2-1.My genestealers killed a ton of bloodletters; his bloodletters killed a ton of genestealers. Also, never ever let flamers live.

The bittersweet part about this tournament is that everyone commented on how great my army looked, how cool it was seeing them. I am always kinda embarrassed when this comes up! I don't consider myself a great painter or an artist or anything, so I really like hearing it.

My harpy conversion (I'll put it in the next post) was commented on all day. I was super pumped about that (although the harpy didn't do too well, lol). One person told me to send a photo of it into White Dwarf and another wants me to put together another for him! In the end the day made me feel good about my army and hobby effort.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gamers Sanctuary 4/23 Tournament - 1500 Points - Hive Fleet Muggis Drop List

Hey everybody, I thought I should post up my list for today's tournament. Details of the tournament can be found here.

I decided to bring a Tyranid drop list with everything outflanking or deep striking (except one termagant squad).

1500 Pts - Tyranids Roster

8 Genestealer Brood
   8 Genestealer Brood - Toxin Sacs

8 Genestealer Brood
   8 Genestealer Brood - Toxin Sacs

1 Harpy
   1 Harpy - Stinger Salvo; TL Heavy Venom Cannon

1 Hive Tyrant
   1 Hive Tyrant - Hive Commander; Leech Essence; Paroxysm

10 Termagant Brood
   10 Termagant Brood

1 Tervigon
   1 Tervigon - Stinger Salvo; Toxin Sacs; Catalyst; Onslaught

1 Trygon
   1 Trygon - Adrenal Glands

2 Zoanthrope Brood
Mycetic Spore - Ripper Tentacles; Cluster Spines

2 Zoanthrope Brood
Mycetic Spore - Ripper Tentacles; Cluster Spines

Total Roster Cost: 1497

Created with Army Builder® - Try it for free at

Originally the trygon was two squads of gargoyles, but with the missions for this tourney + the fact that my gargs aren't painted I just decided to take a trygon. Definitely not a min/maxed tyranid tourney list, but it should be fun.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Week 1 and 2 Campaign Information: Devouring of Reth

This is the narrative and mission information for Weeks 1 and 2. This represents patrols bumping into each other trying to take objectives on Reth.

Week 1 And 2 - Mission: Combat Patrol - Begins April 13th


Josepha looked up from the pile of refuse she was rifling through. A tall man was quickly moving through the shadows toward the Generatorum. He was bald with bulging eyes and long arms. Josepha thought he looked sinister.

She followed him down stinking corridors of trash and burnt out vehicles until he reached the Generatorum. Curiously, all the guards who would normally stop this man and arrest him for being so close to such an important location were absent. Josepha steeled herself and followed the man until he entered the facility.

Moments later there was a loud explosion and the whole township went dark. Josepha could hear a loud scratching noise, like you would hear if a feline was dancing on ferrocrete.


"Move up to the left side! Beta squad, you go up the right! We need to secure this outpost and make sure whatever is invading this planet does not capture the reactor!" Lieutenant Sharp was moving his platoon through a beach after landing there just moments before. He had precious few troopers but was ordered to hold the reactor at all costs and eliminate all Xenos in the area.

A chimera crushed through a separating wall and onto the other side when a mass of writhing forms burst out of a thicket to the south of it.

"What is that? What are those things? I WANT ALL FIREPOWER ON THOSE TARGETS!" Sharp screamed into the vox. Unfortunately for him he didn't see the genestealers (who had just finished slaughtering Beta squad) bounding across the grass straight for his command chimera.



The preliminary attack on Reth has begun. Genestealers have left their nests and are attempting to take down the Imperial automated defense network. Other Xenos forces are attempting to feel out the defenses and see what they can capture.

Week 1 of the Reth Campaign will start with Combat Patrol. We will roll to see who is the attacker: Xenos or Imperials. Week 2 will flip sides and do the same mission.

Mission Criteria:

Armies will consist of 400 points or less, and must conform to the following Force Organization restrictions:
⇒ 0-1 HQ
⇒ 1-3 Troops (you MUST bring at least one Troop choice)
⇒ 0-1 Elite
⇒ 0-1 Fast Attack
⇒ 0-1 Heavy Support
⇒ 0-1 ‘Swing Slot’ (this maybe be used to field one additional Troops, Elite, Fast Attack OR Heavy Support choice)
• Armies are not required to take mandatory unit choices. All other unit restrictions (i.e. 0-1) apply.
• With the exception of Troops and models with the Swarm Universal Special Rule, No model can have more than 2 Wounds.
• Psykers may be used, but may NOT use any power requiring a psychic test.
• No model may have a 2+ or a 2+ invulnerable save.
• No monstrous creatures.
• No Special/Unique/Named Characters are allowed in the Warhammer 40K Combat Patrol mission.
• Aside from Troops choices and dedicated Transports, only vehicles with a maximum of 11 in any armor facing may be taken. Dedicated transports and troops may have a maximum armor facing of 12. Vehicle Squadrons and Artillery units at permitted provided every unit within the unit individually would be permitted.

Mission: Capture and Control with only one objective, middle of the board. This will be played on a 4x4 table.

Deployment: Pitched Battle

The Devouring of Reth: A Warhammer 40k Campaign

We started our third campaign at Gamers Sanctuary two weeks ago. This is a "narrative" campaign focused on the story - we want players to get into the fluff and see what their armies are doing as opposed to just playing a different scenario each week.

The campaign intro started like this:


Brother Captain Jeremiah, Lord of Skyfall, looked at the readout on the screen. This was impossible. There was no way the tyranid invasion force could have made it this far without their knowledge. Even now, the shadow in the warp was driving his navigators mad. How could he have missed this?

Raising his glance toward the viewport, his disbelief at the readout on the screen was hardened by what he could see of the planet. The tyranid hive fleet had arrived the week before and was still engaging in the preliminary bombardment. The tendrils of Hive Fleet Muggis had not yet constricted. His forces still had time to keep this planet from a full Xenos infestation.

“Ready the drop pods. Ready the assault companies. Ready the mechanized forces. On this day we call upon our brothers in the chapters operating in this area to tackle the foul Xenos threat,” Jeremiah said to his assembled war council.

He looked back at the viewport. The bio-ships were moving in a steady stream toward the planet. It would not be long before he and his brothers were in glorious combat.



Column after column of PDF troopers marched through the capital of Reth on their way to the outlying islands. Tyranid dropships had put down on the large island of Alpha Prime as well as the other outlying islands. Chaos marines had followed the hive fleet and would now feast on the doomed planet.

Even an Ork Rok had touched down in the southern hemisphere, landing in the middle of a great bay. Ramshackle Ork boats had been seen launching from the Rok (and most sinking) and there was now a green tide coming ashore.

Genestealer cults had broken their cover all over the planet and were now wreaking havoc; entire PDF regiments had been consumed in the violence. The Genestealer Magus was currently leading a large force of genestealers on a subterranean assault through the sewers on the capital city. If help did not come in some form or another very, very soon, all would be lost.



Players will split into two factions: the Imperial forces defending Reth and the Xenos / Renegade forces attacking and Reth. For six weeks players will vie for control of a Planetary Empires map that represents the various areas of Reth.
Territories will be attacked and defended and the results of these encounters will be determined by different campaign scenarios of Warhammer 40k. To determine the fate of Reth, players will participate in a massive Apocalypse battle at the end of the campaign. Apocalypse assets and unit veteran status will be awarded during the campaign based on success or failure of each faction.

The goal of the campaign is to provide a means of setting up regular games between 40k players, and to produce a fun and original narrative that ties the armies together.

Players present on the first day of the campaign will be divided into two teams. If there are an equal number of Imperial and Xenos / Renegade armies, we will divide the teams along those factions.

• Note: If you have both an Imperial and Xenos / Renegade army and are willing – bring both and decide which army to use for the entire campaign based upon how many players we have for each side. Remember – we’re here to have fun!


Daemons: the warp storm generated from the impending assault has drawn daemons to Reth. Many souls will be reaped during the Reth War.
Traitor Astartes: it is unknown where Hive Fleet Muggis came from, but it is known that Chaos Space Marines followed the fleet in anticipation of war. Astartes will most certainly come to the defense of Reth, so brother will fight brother.
Dark Eldar: a war on an imperial planet is a perfect opportunity to take slaves. Dark Eldar have operated in this sector for a number of years, so they know this is coming.
Necrons: it is unknown what the Necrons purpose is on Reth. They are there, however.
Orks: a large battle followed by years of salvage has attracted a nearby Waaaghh!. One Rok has landed in the southern hemisphere; others are sure to follow.
Tyranids: the main assault force is made up of Hive Fleet Muggis. They will consume Reth and then follow to other planets in the sector.

Grey Knights: in the time of greatest need, the Grey Knights are there.
Blood Angels: the imperial defense and reinforcement of Reth is led by Brother Captain Jeremiah, Lord of Skyfall. The Blood Angels have coordinated all incoming ships and armies.
Space Marines: marines of all other chapters are streaming into Reth via Thunderhawks. NOTE: because it is impossible to pass up a 3+ armor save, there may be MANY marine armies when we start the campaign. It is possible if you are not playing Grey Knights or Blood Angels that you may be asked to “go renegade” for the purposes of the campaign. You’ll still use your codex.
Imperial Guard: cruisers have entered orbit and are launching troops to landfall on Reth. Valkyrie after Valkyrie has been seen attacking tyranid flying beasts. NOTE: because it is impossible to pass up a 3+ armor save, there may be MANY marine armies when we start the campaign. It is possible that you may be asked to “go renegade” for the purposes of the campaign. You’ll still use your codex.
Witchhunters: the xenos threat is so great on Reth right now that witchhunters from sectors surrounding Calixis have converged on the planet to lay waste.

Eldar: Eldar forces have been seen both aiding the Tyranid conquest (in a roundabout fashion) and fighting back.
Tau: it is unclear what ambitions the Tau have on this planet.