Saturday, December 10, 2011

What have I gotten myself in to?

I have put repainting my Eldar stuff on hold for the moment.  Eventually I'd like to get all my older stuff repainted up to the standard I have now, but that is an endeavor for a new year.  I have a few units to tackle before the finish of Campaign: Eden at Gamers Sanctuary; some Dark Reapers and Harlequins mostly.  However, one daunting task will await me for the Apocalypse game at the end.

BEHOLD!  I finally gave in to peer pressure and bought myself a Forge World Revenant Titan with two Pulsars.  I was tired of being the only guy in our circle without some form of Apoc support.  Thanks again Muggins, Tau4eva, Brian, and Geneguard.  It came with two possible face plate options.  Let me know which one of the two you guys like most.  I am actually equally impressed and can't decide.

However, the biggest task at hand, and the one I am most looking forward to is the continuation of my Great Marine Repaint.  I finally have my first 1850 point force built and ready to paint.

The Star Phantoms lead by 9th Company Captain, Zhrukal Androcles.  The Terminators, Heavy Weapons,  and Scouts are all my old plastic models that need to be repainted (Privateer Press White goes over even the dark blue of my old stuff quite nicely.  It is now the only white primer I will use).  Aside from Sgt Tellion and two Marines with Melta Guns, the rest are all new plastic models.  I left the weapons off the Marines to have easy access to the details on the armor.  The Drop Pods are also in pieces for painting (It will be MUCH easier to paint them black and white if they are separate).  I've also magnetized both Sergeants to give them a choice of Combi Weapons.  The Land raider is also magnetized, but I still need a few parts to finish the other sponsons.  Of course, all of my Dreadnoughts are magnetized as well.  I now have four including this bad boy I also picked up from Forge World.

One Contemptor pattern dreadnought with Kheres pattern Assault Cannon and Power Fist.  Of course, a few magnets on this sweet model are a must.  I chose the Relic sarcophagus instead of the plain one because I loved the added detail.

The best thing about this guy was that it was essentially free!  That's right.  I paid something like $10 for it, when all was said and done.  After my Titan and a few Marine upgrade parts for Muggins, the total for my order was very close to Forge World's free shipping requirement.  The shipping cost was something like 30 Pounds.  However, by spending the same amount on the Dreadnought, I went over the free shipping mark, essentially getting the Dread for the cost of one of its arms!  Not bad at all.

I'll be dumping a few more Marine things I don't plan on keeping, but adding some serious artillery to continue the fluff of the Star Phantoms.  A pair of Whirlwinds, Thunderfire Cannons, and Vindicators are all on the docket.  I have the parts for a complete Assault Squad, a bucket of Terminators and Scouts, and a pair of Speeders to work on eventually, but they will wait until the Badab War campaign starts next spring.  Hopefully the wife won't mind taking care of the kids herself for a while...

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