Monday, December 12, 2011

The Emperor's Birthday

Christmas is right around the corner and everywhere little warhams are putting their lists together. Their mothers go into hobby shops asking for the most ridiculous things possible and turn up their nose at TFG who wants to show them every single model he ever painted.

This Christmas has been a good one for my wife and I; we found out she is pregnant and we are expecting in July. That makes 3 of us bloggers for FC40k whose wives are pregnant. Must be something in the blue milk.

My wife's brother has been helping his family through some trying times; he is always there to help and translate from doctors and has basically given up the last few months to do his familial duty while the other kids are working and coming back once in a while from where they live. I had purchased AoBR not long ago to start my Mantis Warriors and decided to get him into 40k. He has seen my models, asked me a few questions about them, and I know he'd love the math involved and just getting to play people once in a while.

So I started building him an army, purchasing used models here and there from GS. I think I bought one kit new, some Killa Kans (holy mother of the emperor so many pieces to put together). Everything else was used and really great deals. GS was such a good resource to put this army together.

I also asked Geneguard to paint the AoBR warboss. I knew he could paint orks really well and I thought perhaps he could paint the first one so my BIL could see how it is done and get going. I really couldn't be happier with how it came out and I must give huge props to Geneguard for coming through for a friend in the holiday season.

I also managed to snag a coupon for Space Marine™ at Best Buy, and I had plenty of reward zone cash from the slew of sweet games this fall, so I picked that up for my BIL. He can now kill his entire army in one hour of playing Space Marine™.

Anyway, here are some shots of the army, starting with the warboss first. It is about 2,500 points all told, with a ridiculous amount of Nobz and boyz and deffkoptas. So pumped to teach another person the great game of 40k!

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  1. That there is a lot of orks! Looks like it'll be fun, with deffkoptas zipping around everywhere being annoying and a big old mob of boyz and kanz to mop things up.

    Glad you like the warboss. The scheme I used should be quick and easy to reproduce.